Music Monday vol. 10!

I’m BAAAAACK! Sorry for lack of posts last week. I was extremely busy to say the least and I neglected my poor blog. This past weekend was my Birthday! Happy 26 to me.. wow I feel old! Nonetheless, I’m back and will update as often as I can!  Let’s get back on track with a new Music Monday blog!

* Jack Johnson. Before moving to SoCal, I would listen to Jack Johnson and day-dream about what the beach and California would be like. Turns out, it’s better than I could ever dream about. Jack Johnson’s music always takes me back to the days I spent hanging out on the beach, watching surfers, waves and watching dolphins swim by. I’ll have to admit there is nothing better than driving down the PCH with your windows down and cranking up some Jack Johnson. I had the awesome opportunity to go see Jack Johnson at UCSB in Santa Barbara with you guessed it, my friend, Chelsea. It was an epic night and it was one of my favorite concerts.  The vibe of the concert was just chill and you had the ocean waves crashing in the distance with Jack singing thousands of fans. If you dl his album, en concert, a couple of his songs that are featured on there were recorded at the exact concert Chelsea and I were at! I will have to say my car rides in TX with Jack Johnson can no way compare to my memories of Cali driving with the ocean next to me and his music playing to keep my soul happy.

* The Black Crowes. Its Southern. Its Rock. Its Soul. It’s amazing. I couldn’t say enough about The Black Crowes. I love the sound, I love the voice, I love the meaning. They have a bluesy sound that is matches up with a southern rock vibe. They’ve been around since the 80’s and have rocked all over the world. Check them out!

* Heartless Bastards. No, that isn’t my nickname ;-). They hail from Ohio and have a rock swagger to them. They were at ACL this past year and put on an awesome show! They are often compared to Spoon and the White Stripes. Definitely check out their latest album, it was one of my favorite records of 2009. Hopefully they’ll have a new record out this year! I love my shirt I got of theirs with a hunting dog on the front with their band name on there as well! I love wearing it on my mood days 😉 hahahahaha. If they are ever in your area, check them out!

Look for new blogs and photos this week! But for now here is a photo of my little Raider girl and Sir Rock!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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