Big Kid Dreams.

Through out the past few months, I’ve shared personal feelings and thoughts with all of you awesome blog readers! Today I thought I’d share another personal post with you guys. I refer to them as my “big kid dreams”, my hopings about what I want to achieve before I’m super old… like 32. HAHAHAHA I kid! 🙂 My main main main main main MAIN dream/goal is to shoot a Rolling Stone cover before I’m 30. I love everything about Rolling Stone, yes, it’s biased but the writing that goes into these articles is very meticulous. I’ve thought about my first Rolling Stone cover and yes in my fantasy I get to choose my cover model. So here is my first Rolling Stone Cover… Pay attention, Rolling Stone Reps!

I will not shoot a glitzy and glamourous photo. The cover with the Jonas Bros trying to be sexy/manly makes me want to puke. Probably one of the worst covers I’ve seen, but that’s just me. I want to take it back to the real rock and roll where music is the real element and not some boy band heart-throb shoot. So on my cover of Rolling Stone, I’m going to shoot Slash- one of my biggest idols. Slash’s attitude and appearance scream rock and roll. So I’ve chosen him as my cover model. To set up the scene, I’m thinking three things: booze, cigarette and snake. I know he’s been sober for a couple of years but we can put apple juice in it. I am terrified of snakes, more than terrified actually. But for this scene there needs to be a snake. Trust me I’ve already hired security to keep the snake away from me.  I have this envision in my head and I believe it would be an awesome cover. I just see this rock and roll attitude mixed with more bad assness. So my people get to talking to Slash and Rolling Stone.. that’s an order. Oh wait my people is just me. EeeeeeekkkkkKKKKK.

Hope you enjoyed one of my big kid dream stories. This will be my last post of the week! I’m headed to Abilene to have a weekend with the family as well as shoot a band! Woot! Everyone have a safe and fun weekend! Oh and cause I need to always add a photo in a photo blog, here is a shot I took on my iPhone. It’s kinda artsy and I wanna shoot it again with my profesh camera when I have time! But for now you get the iPhone shot! Hint: it’s a shadow that’s casted on the wall by my computer area!

love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys.

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