Project 365 update # 2!

I thought I’d end this weeks’ blog posting with an update from my personal Project 365 on my iPhone. A fellow Red Raider and friend, Robert Peinert, commented last time asking if I was using the Project 365 app to keep my photos sorted and I just wanted to respond by saying yes, I am! I love this application, it helps me keep everything organized. Robert is doing a professional Project 365 so you guys should check out his blog! Last night I photographed Cory Morrow for an acoustic set at Cheatham St. in San Marcos. It was my first time at the joint and man was it eye-opening! They sell beer out of mason jars. I find this hilarious, I might live in the city but I was back to my country roots last night! The band has been in the studio the past week laying down tracks for a new album! Check back in a few days for those and tonight I’ll be photographing Kyle Park at Midnight Rodeo in Austin. I’ve been there before and no, they don’t serve Shiner in a mason jar 😉 OH and don’t forget to check Cory Morrow’s facebook page… my photos are being featured as well as his profile pic.. cha’ching! Ok now back on subject of the blog! Check out some of my photos from my project 365!

January 13th- Gruene, TX

January 14th

January 15th

January 18th

January 20th- Red Bud Isle

January 22nd

Last night at the concert, I shared a table with three boys. One of them turned out to play on the University of Texas football team. He was a good spirit when I told him to get away from my table, its Red Raiders only! We shared a few convos and when I left two of them wanted me to take a picture of their manliness, the third guy was off probably buying another Smirnoff. Below are my new friends from the night! (The one on the left plays TE and snapper for UT) RAIDER POWER! :-D.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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  1. This is my first photo 365. I’m doing self portraits and I plan on making a time lapse video.

    I blogged about this topic a little while ago also.


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