Hugs and Shrugs!

I haven’t blogged a hugs and shrugs session in a while. Mainly because I’ve had constant hugs but not any shrugs to blog about. But of course you need little hiccups in your daily life to keep yourself in check! Here’s to a new post of Hugs and Shrugs!!

* I’ll POST it again… MISTY WEATHER. Austin has seen a lot of rain this “winter” but more so than that, we’ve had tons of misty days. Weather, you’re messing up my plans of being productive when all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch seasons 1-5 of LOST!

* Breakouts. Yup, this past week or so I’ve return to being a 15-year-old girl with broken out skin. I never really had a problem with acne during high school, actually… so why is it now that I’m an old lady my skin decides to make up for lost time and make me look like I have chicken pox ON MY FACE??!! ONE HUGE SHRUG!

* Radio Free Texas. Well I’m not sure it’s their fault, but I can’t listen to it on my iMac… What in the hoo-haw is up with that? Actually, come to think of it, it’s a windows media player shrug! I dl the plug-in, but nothing. MAC nerds, I mean that in the sweetest way possible, please help me out!

* Procrastination. I’m the worst at procrastination. Why do it this second when I can look at Facebook and Perez Hilton instead? I’ll admit that I am procrastinating horribly right now. You don’t believe me? Well, I still haven’t written an article from NYE. Yeah, go ahead and throw stones at me, I’m an awful person when it comes to procrastination. I will defeat you one day!

* VistaPrints– Yesterday, I received my new marketing postcards. I love them, I’m not a graphic designer by any means, but I think I nailed what I wanted to achieve with these postcards. Thanks VistaPrints for the quick turn around!

*Pandora– I love this radio option, I love customizing my own radio station. When I’m in my car, I’m constantly changing the radio stations because I am so picky about what songs I want to listen to. And thanks to my awesome iPhone, I can take my Pandora radio station with me wherever I go! I love how one minute I’m listening to Randy Rogers then Casey Donahew and then BAM! Dierks Bentley. I have several stations customized to my liking and it’s always a great time!

* Sunny weather. If you’ve read my blogs, you know that I HATE misty weather and hot sticky weather. But I love love love love LURVE SoCal weather. I love everything about SoCal, but the weather makes me jump for joy. Austin has had a few SoCal weather days, and it makes my heart shine! Keep it coming, Mr. Weather, keep it coming!

* Blogging. At first, I hated blogging. My best friend would always tell me, “You need to blog more”. Yeah, but I don’t want to! BUT after I started coming up with ideas to connect with you guys through things that mattered to me, I fell in love with blogging. I now have this need to reach out to you guys as much as I can. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I love writing them!

* Vegetarianism. Some of you guys know that I went back to being a full-fledged vegetarian. I started it a couple years ago, but I wasn’t getting enough protein because my lack of finding eggs among other things tasty. So I was eating chicken, but my need for protein isn’t significant enough for my need to not support slaughter houses. After I read the book, Skinny Bitch, I made it a point to not support these said houses and so this includes not eating chicken. NOW before you throw the hippie stick at me, I’m not preaching to anyone to follow the same path as I am. I feel like it’s just as much of a right to eat meat as it is to not eat it. I’ll respect your views as long as you respect mine. Anyways, I’ve felt more energetic and feel better about eating better foods. I’m hoping that this is a transition into becoming a Vegan but I think I love cheese and ranch dressing too much ;-).

* Red Bud Isle. This doggie park is by far my favorite park that I’ve taken my dogs to. When Rudder was alive, he loved going to this dog park and running through the trees and leading Raider on adventures. I’ve gotten stronger and was able to return there with Raider and Rocker. Now, Raider is the one that leads Rocky on adventures and it’s pretty cute. I only wish Rudder was here to lead all three of them down the trails in hopes of finding a treasure. :-).

That wraps up this session of Hugs and Shrugs! I mentioned Red Bud Isle last because I took my camera with me on Monday when we went and I plan on writing a full blog on the park but for now here is a sneak peek of Raider and Rocker at Red Bud Isle!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys.

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