Insomnia consumes my soul.

It’s 1 in the am and I’m still wide awake. I should have gone to bed hours ago but I was puzzled with what I was going to blog about today. Yes folks, my blogging obsession has gone THAT far! 😀 But I think it’s good that I’m motivated to keep you guys coming back to check out what I’m doing and all that jazz. Well I was looking on my hard drive and I came across a sub-folder in my November ’09 folder with the name “painting”. I then realized that I had left a project unfinished and needed to tackle and complete the mission! A couple weekends before Thanksgiving, I went to visit my family in the Abilene area and that turned into a fun family photo adventure! My cousin, Mikael, (yes I’ve blogged about  him before) works for a rancher in the area and on his ranch there is the really cool, old, dead, tree with a cactus growing in the middle of it. Natascha told me to bring my equipment to photograph and paint (photographic technique to photograph at night), so I brought my gear and we went out to have some photo lovin, laughter, and of course adventure! Well after I returned from the trip, I had completely forgot about this photo session with all the other 150 projects I had on my plate. But tonight I have revisited this folder and below are two versions of the picture she liked! Hope you guys dig them!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys.

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