MusIc MOndAY Vol. 6

Hope everyone’s weekend was awesome! Congrats to the Cowboys for beating the Eagles! My family and friends were waaaaaaaay excited, I’m more of a Colts fan but I’ll give props to the Cowboys! My weekend was pretty chill, lots of doggy time and of course the usual weekend cleaning duties! As some of you know, I’m giving away two senior sessions and don’t panic… just scroll below and the details and rules are listed in the previous blog! You guys have until this Friday to get your submissions in. Make sure you guys read the ENTIRE blog because if not all the musts are answered/submitted then it will not be considered! Anyways let’s get the Music Monday on!

* The Band of Heathens. I photographed them NYE and I blogged about them a couple of days ago. I got ahold of their record before hand and their sound is just awesome! When I listen to their latest record, I just feel like I’m back in the ’60’s rock and rolling, sitting at Woodstock and having the time of my life. They are a located here in Austin but have picked up steam… speaking of steam, they just got back from Steamboat Music Fest 2010! One of my goals for this year is to save up so I can attend that next year! Anyways, back to BOH, their music can be viewed as free lovin’ and I dig it. Definitely check out their latest album, One Foot in Front of Ether. The first song on the album, “LA County Blues” is pretty baller.

* Adelitas Way- ROCK ROCK ROCK! Loves it! I am a lover of music and one thing that makes my heart pitter patter is an insane drum bashing/beating/rocking out fest. I can usually pick out the drum cadence in songs and can mute the rest of the instruments and slowly concentrate on the drumming. THIS band has that appeal. Heavy. heavy.HEAVY beats. They will be opening for Theory of A Deadman starting in a week or two and as I’ll be photographing TOADM in Dallas, I’m damn stoked for Adelitas Way to open. Check their webby to see if they’ll be in a town near you. If you have SIRIUS/XM Octane 20 blasts their stuff on a  regular basis… Cha’freakin’ching!

* One of my favorite bands: Incubus. If it were possible and I could marry anyone on the planet Brandon Boyd would be at the top of the list! :-D. Their music is inspiring and it makes you look into your soul and search for what you want in life. That sounds hippie, but for me their music helps me figure out who I am as a person…. ok I know you’re reading this and thinking I’m a crazy person but that’s what their music does to me! It’s hard-hitting riffs with heavy beats mixed with the genius that is Brandon Boyd’s lyrics. Brandon Boyd is actually an accomplished artist and actually designed his own Tom’s shoe which you can buy! I’m pretty sure most of you guys have heard of them but wanted to end it with a band that has shaped how I am as a person. :-D.

I hope you check out some of my recommendations and find out for yourself if you dig the sounds I’ve been throwing your way! Make sure you email me with an entry either for YOU or a FRIEND for my free session contest! Here are a couple of photos from Randy Rogers that I shot NYE…. I’m still working on them, I’m hoping to be caught up by Wednesday!

Randy ‘Effin’ Rogers


He’s always fun!


He’s pretty dang cute! Add him to my “marry” list ;-p jk, jk!


Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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  1. Great idea for a music monday series in conjunction with Twitter’s #mm.

    I may have to borrow the idea for my blog from time to time.

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