MuSic MonDay vol. 4

Hey Hey! Hope everyone’s holiday was fancy fantastic! My holiday was pretty awesome, we even had an ugly sweater party that I’m sure will be an annual thing! Tons of laughter and love once again surrounded our household. I’ll post pics soon of our ugly sweater party but for now it’s on to Music Monday!

* Reckless Kelly- this band was apart of the TX Country music scene before there was a TX Country music scene, they were pioneers if you will! They were also the first band that I photographed at Gruene Hall! haha (just wanted to add that fun fact in there!) I’ve said before in one of my blogs that there song “Nobody’s Girl” was written with me in mind, I believe that for the most part that song contains the way I live my life. It’s a great song. I really think that this band and I have some cosmic force together or something because in the song “How Was California”, I’ve lived in two of the three places the song talks about. I’ll let you know when I move to New York so I can complete this song and have confirmation that in fact Reckless Kelly is writing songs based on my life. ;-). They are coming out with a new record this year and you guys should definitely take a gander as well as download some of their older stuff through the 12 years they’ve been in the Texas Country music scene.

* Mute Math. I never heard of these guys until I went to Austin City Limits and watched their concert during the typhoon! I really liked their sound and after ACL, I got ahold of their album and loved it! If you guys want to sample their sound and you have Sirius radio, tune into Alt Nation 21 and they play their songs.  The lead singer is waaaaay hot, btw! hahaha. 😀

* Adele. I love love love me some Adele. Her music is inspiring, relaxing, calming, powerful, simple, complex… just all around amaze balls. I’m sure by now most people have heard of her song, “Chasing Pavements.” I’d strongly urge you guys to get the rest of her album and listen to the genius that is Adele! I’m hoping that she comes to Austin so I can photograph and capture her inspiring craft.

* Ryan Leslie. I discovered his music about a year ago and was instantly hooked. He has this soulful voice and I love the beats in his songs. He’s been in the background for a while and has produced records for artists such as Britney Spears and Cassie. He eventually started recording hsi own album and actually released two separate records in 2009. I love love love LURVE his music and I totally think you should not only check out his music but check out his record label, Next Selection for artists that he’s working with!

That’s all for this week’s edition for MuSic MonDay! I hope you guys check out some of my suggestions and I’d love some feedback on what you guys think of my suggestions! Below are a few iPhone photos from the Holidays!

Raider enjoying our new Texas Tech snuggie!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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