MuSic MonDay vol 3.

It’s my third installment of MuSic MonDay! I have some good recommendations to make your ears go gaga.. and not Lady Gaga! Hahaha lame joke, I know. So get ready for it!

* Randy Rogers Band. Yup, if you’re Texan you know all about them. LOVE LOVE LURVE me some Randy Rogers. He can write a beautiful love song, rowdy drinking song, and a sassy break up song with ease. Basically any song subject he can own it! I got to photograph them a few months ago and it really was life changing, I was able to book tons of more shows to shoot after this concert and it was pretty baller. Their music is available for download on iTunes and you might as well buy all their albums because you’ll love every song. Right now, actually I’m listening to their song “If I Told You the Truth”. Their albums have been on repeat all day today, thank you, iTunes. :-D.

* Evoleno. They are a band locally here in Austin, I had the pleasure of working with them for some shots. I really dig their sound and haven’t heard a sound like theirs in some time. It’s refreshing to hear a new band with a new sound. Im adding them to my music Monday blog because they are releasing their CD on the 23rd in Dallas, so all my Dallas followers I think you should check them out and go to their release party! It sounds like a damn good, hell raising time!

* Chevelle. Whenever I need a good, angry scream song to sing along with, Chevelle is my band to go to. Their music gets my blood flowing, my heart thumping and after a couple of songs, it’s on…. I’m ready to rock and carpe diem it to awesometown (yes, that is an entire sentence in Jalys language).  Their latest record, Sci-Fi Crimes, is pretty fancy fantastic. Chevelle has stayed consistent and true to their soul with their albums, one of my favorite songs in the history of the rock genre is “Send the Pain Below” off their first album. I’ve seen these guys about 3 times live and they bring the rock fist every time and just knock it out of the park.

Hope you guys check out my suggestions and comment on what you think! Saturday night I photographed Curtis Grimes + Cory Morrow at Gruene Hall. It was a good time and here are some photos from the gig! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! Cheers!

Jerry Reynolds (Curtis Grime Band)

THE Curtis Grimes

Love the cig.

James Richardson (Curtis Grimes band)

Fiddle Player… HOOOOOTTT! ;-D (Cory Morrow Band)

THE Cory Morrow

Keyboard Player

This guy was a riot! 😀

This drummer was pretty baller.


Loves it!

Cory Morrow

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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