Walking on sunshine.

Sunny So-Cal, I loved you so. Nine out of ten days in So-Cal the weather was gorgeous 75 degrees with the beautiful sun shining, how I’ve missed those days! I moved back to Texas in 100 degree weather, lived in one of the hottest places in Texas during a record-breaking 100 degree breaking days and a drought. The summer returning home was quite traumatic, there were days I didn’t even want to go outside because it was too dang hot! I was absolutely miserable and was like, “Why did I move back in the summer, this place is hotter than hell! Why do I not remember Texas being this dang hot? I’m suffocating!” Needless to say, I survived :-D…. barely.The other day the weather in Austin was just gorgeous, it was in the 70’s, sunny and all I could think of was how much I missed having the weather like this EVERY day in So-Cal.

Lately, I’ve gone through a lot of old photos trying to clear out some of my hard drive with photos I’m never going to use and I’ve come across a lot of beach photos from Cali. I do miss having the beach a mere 10 minutes away. I miss the sound of the waves crashing and the prospects of seeing a dolphin or two. I miss the beautiful sunshine-y weather WITHOUT the 150 million degrees of humidity. I miss the ability to wear flip-flops and shorts 365 days out of the year. Granted, in Texas you can wear flip-flops most of the year minus about a month or two. I look at the photos and I can still feel the warmth and the smell of the salty air by the beach, it’s a great feeling to still have those memories and they haven’t faded away.

Below are a couple of photographs I took my last week in California. I found this spot a couple of months before I left and it was my secret spot that I love to get away to. It was always like a mini vacation when I could go there and chill and watch the sunset. I can’t wait to get back and enjoy my peaceful spot again.

The entry to my favorite spot.

I love the depth of field

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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