Shrugs and Hugs!

So this week has been going by slow and I’ve had some awesome hugs but also some shrugs, enjoy!

* I’ll start off with saying, I love Theory of a Deadman and then to get the opportunity to shoot the event where they were performing with Daughtry was unimaginative. I was cleared to shoot the show in November and as each day came closer to the show, I got more and more excited. If you follow me on twitter, you know this because I kept updating with my excitement. Well I show up to the show, pay an insane amount to park my car in a parking spot that looks like any other parking spot, still don’t understand the reason to pay $10 extra just to have my car sit there, whatev’s. Anyways, I go to the main box office, then was told to go to the South box office, I wait over there for 15 minutes until they open. I then was instructed to go to the back door of the Frank Erwin Center, which I had to go through 3 security check points, I get into the backdoor of the venue and they don’t know what the hell is up (not surprised). I have another security guard with me waiting for me to meet the in house publicist, the publicist comes takes my name and all my information, supposedly “meets up” with the Theory boy’s tour manager. She comes back and says I’m not on the list, I say a few choice words and say no that’s impossible. I whip out the blackberry and show her emails from Theory’s publicist. She basically tells me she’s busy and I need to leave to which I reply, I’m not leaving. In a room full of security guards, that’s probably not the right phrase to say. So you guessed it, I leave. Meanwhile I’m emailing Theory’s publicist and she’s emailing me back and I’m telling Frank Erwin’s publicist she’s emailing me saying I’m on the list. Well I had to leave, wasted $10 in parking, no photos.. I’m livid. Then an hour later I get an email from Frank Erwin’s people, hey found your name I’ll have a pass for you at the backdoor in 5. Well that was great I already left, would have had to pay $10 once again and then get tho shoot the first 3 songs of two acts… so I didn’t go back. That night made me so dang mad and the poor publicist from Theory’s camp was trying to help out and the tour manager later told her that my name was on his list the whole time. So Frank Erwin center or whoever messed up, I’m giving you the SHRUG. My whole night was ruined and I left with the ultimate disappointment. Chris Daughtry did walk by me as I was using choice words hahaha.

* So that was Sunday night, Monday night I was supposed to shoot Emory Quinn and the rest of the show. They show started at 7 and there were about 4 bands playing and the last band went up at 12:30. So, I show up at about 7:45 and was gonna shoot the end of the first band and then on to the next. I get to the door and guess what my name isn’t on the list AGAIN. The band hadn’t even turned in a list and so once again, choice words, and I was shown the door. For all the concerts I’ve shot, these past two days have been the worst and I really am now getting paranoid for all the concerts I’m going to be shooting in the future.

* This misty weather.  I love the rain and cold weather but this in between weather is driving me CRAZY. Either rain or not, quit teasing us! 🙂

* The Hangover- This movie is one of my favorite movies, it’s definitely in my top 5. While it was in the theaters I went to the movies and watched it 4 different times. I’ve already watched it 3 times since it came out on DVD yesterday. Thank you for bringing me highlights to my crazy week! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna marry Bradley Cooper, just sayin 😉

* Strawberry margaritas. I’m just gonna throw it out there, I believe Austin, Texas makes the best margaritas. I love going to happy hour from time to time and enjoying a great margarita. My favorite places to grab a margarita is Cuatro’s, Trudy’s, Serrano’s, Baby A’s. Check out those places Austinites and enjoy a great little drink that will help wind down the day!

* Gruene Hall. Ever since my shoot at Gruene Hall I have been itching to go back! I get that chance (hopefully I’m on the list) to shoot Cory Morrow on Saturday. I just love that place and the feel, I love historic places and Gruene Hall is definitely a place that I hope to spend 100 more hours in!

* Christmas Break. I’m ready for my work week to be over with. I can’t wait to go home and spend some time with my family and just relax without any responsibilities. Plus mom is cooking… cha’ching!

* My pepitos. My doggies have been extra cuddly lately since it has been cold and I love it. I vow to put up more photos of them soon!

Here is a photo that I took on the same road as a the church I blogged about yesterday. Enjoy!

Love it, live it, capture it!


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