Driving with the windows down.

I love the Lyndon B. Johnson State park area between Johnson City and Fredericksburg, TX. I have stopped at this place for years to let Rudder potty and take a break from the car when we would travel from College Station to Sonora and vice versa. There are some buffaloes roaming in one section and some longhorn cattle in another section. There is a scenic route behind the park that Rudder and I loved to take, I’d let the windows down and he’d just have his head out the window with his ears waving in the wind. It’s a great little detour and there are tons of possible shots to take of nature and what not. When I had to drive Rudder home the last time before he had to be put down, I made sure that we took time out of our frantic drive home to go down this road. For the last time I let the windows down and he put his sweet little head out the window and sniffed the air. I knew in my heart what was going to happen next so I wanted to make sure he did one of his favorite things before I had to do the worst thing in my life and let my baby boy go. I still take the detour and drive down this road and let the windows down just to feel a little closer to Rudder. His little brother, Rocker, and little sister, Raider, have enjoyed the new detour and put their heads out but not as successful as Rudder mastered it! We stop and look at the little waterfall from the road and also drive by the church that is in the photo below. Miss you widdle Rudda Budda. Sending you lots of puppy loves and kisses.

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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