MuSic MonDay Vol. 2

Well blog followers, today is Music Monday. Last night I was supposed to photograph the Theory of  A Deadman and Daughtry concert. But due to communication issues with management in the TOADM camp, I wasn’t granted shooting privilege even though I had e-mails to prove I had access. I’ve never been more disappointed in something like this in my life. Again, I will need to calm down more before I can even begin to explain what went down. But on to Music Monday, here are some recommendations for some cool tunes!

* Matisyahu- A true hasidic Jewish musician, Matisyahu is pretty damn awesome. He’s from New York and mixes Reggea, Rock and Jewish beats that pretty much equal amazeness! He keeps true to his religious beliefs and refrains from performing on Friday’s due to Jewish Sabbath. His live album, which was recorded at Stubbs in Austin, TX, went certified gold and his popularity grew and grew. I had the pleasure of photographing him during a welcome back students party on the University of Texas campus. I’d definitely check out his live at Stubbs album. He just released a new record in September and his song “One Day” is a hit. I personally like “So Hi, So lo” and “For You” off the new record. He is an amazing beat boxer as well.

* Hayes Carll- I had the pleasure and LUCK of photographing him at Stubbs a month or so ago. I randomly had my camera in my car and was cleared to photograph them. It was pretty awesome as that I captured some of my best work at that gig! I love the song, “She left me for Jesus”. It’s definitely ballsy and I dig that. If you have a chance google the lyrics and have yourself a laugh or two!

* Them Crooked Vultures- I’m in love love LURVE with this band. 3 musical geniuses make up this band, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters) Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal)  and John Paul Jones (Led EFFING Zeppelin). How can you have bad music when these 3 people make up this epic band? I had the ABSOLUTE best time at ACL and they were my #1 band to check out. They seriously brought the rock fist and I was more more more in love with this band. Their record came out this last month and it’s been burning up my cd player in my car! What I love about Dave Grohl is that he is a brilliant, talented drummer that can just knock your socks off hitting the beats, but he can also take the lead of a band and the Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands that have had steady success for the past decade. Buy the whole album, not just a song or two.. the WHOLE album.

Well this is the part of the blog that I was hoping to sneak peak some Theory of a Deadman photos but guess that won’t be happening… lame. So I’ll add some unseen photos of the shoots I’ve been doing lately.

Hot guy from Buster Jiggs.

Willy from Reckless Kelly

Curtis Grimes

My feelings exactly, The Highway.

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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