MuSic MonDay!

Another idea for my blog! As you ALL know my life mainly consists of music. I listen, sing (try to), photograph, cheer, chant, talk, air drum, obsess over music all day long. Seriously, ALL.DAY.LONG. So on Mondays I thought I would share some of my favorite and recommended music! Sounds bombtastic, right? HECK YES! So without further ado…  here is my FIRST installment of MuSic MonDay!

* My favorite band: Theory of a Deadman. I have been in LURVE with this band for a few years now. They have had major success with their 3rd, and latest, album Scars and Souvenirs. They hail from Canada and are actually on Chad Kroger’s (Lead singer of Nickelback) label through Roadrunner Records. Their albums consist of hard hitting drum beats with synonymous electrifying riffs. So go to iTunes and download their music. My favorite is their first album. All their songs some how speak to me and I think Tyler Connolly is one of the hottest guys on the planet!  They are currently on tour with Daughtry and rocking it! You might see some photos of them soon! Just sayin 😉

* A new, and I mean NEW, band I’m liking is Curtis Grimes. I photographed them the other night at Midnight Rodeo with Casey Donahew Band and I instantly was like, ohhh emmm geeee I love this band! The lead singer, Curtis Grimes, was an accomplished baseball star in high school and continued in college. But after a heart break from his then fiance, he picked up the guitar and I am personally and selfishly thankful he started playing the guitar! He has been perfecting his craft for a few years now and actually won the Austin leg of Kenny Chesney’s Next Big Star contest! Cha’ching! I’ve already listened to their album… wait for it… 15 times according to my iTunes counter. That’s not including the actual cd I have in my car! Some songs to check out (or just really buy the whole cd on iTunes) are: How ’bout Tonight, A Girl Like You, It’s Me, Lonely River, and Whiskey Drunk… Again that’s already like half the album so just buy the whole thing on iTunes!

* Goodnight Goddess – They are a local Austin band that are really making themselves known. I had the pleasure of photographing them when I shot Sounds Under Radio at Stubbs back in the summer. Their sound is electrifying, they have heavy riffs paired vocals that could put Mariah Carey to shame! Their debut album, Lollipops and Suicides, is available on iTunes. If you’re a fan of Deftones, Incubus, or Fair to Midland… these guys are for you!

* Your Vegas– These guys hail from England and I never heard of them until I went with my friend, Chelsea, to see Shiny Toy Guns in Santa Barbara. They opened for them and I loved their sound. They are a great live band and they have a bit of resemblance of Muse. They are working on a new album right now and I hope they come to Austin to showcase their craft. Again check iTunes for the record. My favorite song from their record is, It Makes My Heart Break. You can hear them on Sirius 21, Alt Nation. They play their song, In My Head, a lot and that is a good song to check out as well!

I think that is enough recommendations for this week! Hope you enjoy my suggestions and you should check out their links to hear some of their stuff!  Of course I’ll include a picture or two! These are sneak peaks from the Casey Donahew Band concert this past Friday! Enjoy!

Curtis Grimes- He’s pretty dang cute too!

Casey Donahew Band

Check back in the next few days for a full blog about the Casey Donahew Band concert!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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