Buster Jiggs and Reckless Kelly.

Thursday night I made my way to the historic Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX to photograph one of my favorite TX country bands: Reckless Kelly.  These guys have been around for a LONG time, way before the popularity of TX country music. I was super excited to shoot at Gruene Hall, it’s oldest saloons/dance hall in Texas, and I’ve always wanted to go and check it out. I never thought I would be there to shoot a band! I loved everything about Gruene Hall- the creaking hardwood floors, the old bar smell, the simplicity of this venue. It took me back and all I could think of was what it must have looked like in the 1800’s, how many people met new friends here and also how many people made some bad decisions after drinking here. I wondered how many people met their future gf/bf/wife/husband while hanging out here. I also wondered how many ghosts inhabited this bar, I’d come back and chill at Gruene if I was allowed to in my afterlife, seems like a good party! If you have never been to Gruene Hall, trust me, its something you should totally check out!

Back to the concert, the stage at Gruene Hall is pretty small and all the greats have played here, the stage in itself is historical! The opening band was Buster Jiggs. I had never heard of them but after a couple of their songs, I became a fan! They are from Hondo, a town outside of San Antonio. Any band that can be fronted by a strong female is definitely  a band everyone should check out! I’ll say it, you go GIRL! 🙂 The lead guitarist is from Del Rio, so I had to support since I’m from Sonora. You can check out their music on their Myspace page. Definitely check them out!

Finally it was time for Reckless Kelly, I was ready to hear a song that I’m pretty sure was written with me in mind. Nobody’s Girl. That’s right I’m about 95% sure that song encompasses my true existence in this world. hahaha. The first time I heard that song, I was blown away by how much that song speaks to me. Anyways, Reckless Kelly rocked it as usual! They played songs that have been released through their 12 years of recording. The crowd didn’t miss a beat, singing and dancing along with the band. Definitely check them out and get on their facebook and myspace.

The night ended with an awesome feeling that my first experience at Gruene Hall was a success (minus the fact my 50mm lens broke and fell off in the middle of the opening band)… Cha’ching! I hope to go back and see more bands display their talent at this magical/historical place. Below are some of the photos I captured… enjoy!

Buster Jiggs

Buster Jiggs

One of my new faves!!

Loves this!

Willy of Reckless Kelly

Cody of Reckless Kelly

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Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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