Thanksgiving- Family Style!

I wrote in my last blog that I was super duper excited to go to Abilene for a nice extended break. It turned out to be more fun than I could have even imagined! We had tons of food, 3-4ft tables worth of desert I might add, and we all left a little heavier! The day before, I went over to my cousin Tascha’s house to help her get ready and all decked out! We transformed their shop into a spirited Thanksgiving hall! I also got Lanie, Nicole and Maddie to make center pieces, which turned out so cute. I will hopefully be able to upload a few and post them in the coming weeks. But I did spend the night tonight editing the group photos I did. Tascha and I put up a backdrop and I brought one of my lights to set up a mini studio so we could have some photo time. I thought it was a great opportunity for my family to see what I’m passionate about. My family has a wide variety of occupations and I was honored that my cousin wanted me to showcase my passion/occupation. Below are some photos of my family, I will write a better blog later about our day, however, it’s late and my little pepitos are ready for bed! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

My mom’s sister Shirley and her family

My mom’s brother Bobby and part of his family. Kayla we missed you!!!!

My mom’s brother Don and a sliver of his family!

My mom’s brother Olan and his wife.

My Aunt Teresa and 2 of her 3 sons. Wish Joey was here!

My “favorite” cousin Paul and his wife, Kristi. LOVE YOU!

My cousin Tascha and her family. Aunt Jan Jan was there in spirit!

The parental unit!

I love my little seester! 🙂 She’s such an angel!

This is what love looks like!

My favorite “sisters” 🙂

Paw-Paw love!

“Favorite” cousin with his wife Kristi and his daughter/future model Landrie.

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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