Ooohhhh Dreams….

Almost daily I’m asked what my dream job is or what I see my future as. I often day dream of my future, I love the thought of spending my life expressing my soul through a camera lens. I love every aspect about photography, I love, live and capture photography. I crave photography and so it is simple and easy for me to say that my dream job would be for me to be self sufficient with my photography. But to go deeper, I’d love to make my living through music photography. I love music almost as much as I love photography, combining my two loves as a profession has been nothing less than amazing. Every show that I get to photograph makes me more passionate about my “dream job”. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting portraits, I love shooting and capturing people’s personality through a single photograph, but what really gets my heart beat pitter patting is concert photography. Over the past month, I’ve been exploring this profession more and more and am pleased with the work I’m producing and only hoping to get better with time and practice. I’m working on a solid portfolio to send to magazines and other mediums to solidify my dream of becoming a full-time concert photographer.

Along with shooting concerts as my primary income, I’d love to go back and give LA another try. I love California and I do miss it dearly. During this episode of my life, I need to be back in Texas to be with my family and to stay grounded. LA can definitely break a person as it is a very cut throat city. I’m the type of person that would rather have my work speak for its self rather than my ability to throw someone under the bus for a gig. Austin and Texas have been very welcoming in my return to this great state, however my heart aches to be back on the West Coast. I know that when I do go back, I will be a better person and know exactly the type of person I am and will have a better sense of what I need to do during my second tour ofCali. I can’t wait to embark on that journey but I feel that it is still down the road until I am able to work up the nerve go back.

If you can tell, my dreams haven’t said anything about love, marriage, and a family. I believe my love, marriage and family is my passion and love for the job that I want to create/maintain. I’ve never been a relationship person because I’ve always knew it could, in no way, take on the love I have for something else. Most people base their life around finding the one person they love and creating a family to get them through their time on earth, which in theory sounds like an awesome life, however, for me I’ve never felt that as my purpose or path in life. Maybe in time and years added on to my current age of 25, I will to find the focus and the necessity to build on my personal life but for now it is not apart of my dream scheme.

I hope through reading this blog you are able to get a better glimpse at what I want to become. I am not the easiest person to read or get to know, I’m very guarded; but to work on my dream job, I need to work on myself and I thought this blog could break the ice. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it! I’d love some feedback!

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

AND because a blog isn’t fun with out some fotografia, here is an UNSEEN shot I took during my tenure in California. This photo is helping me stay motivated to make the trek back to Cali as I’ve missed this scene from my daily life.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I too am very passionate about concert photography. Everytime I get the opportunity to photograph live music (not only do I jump at it) I learn something new. Something about a band, the fans, lighting, photography or myself.

    Being based in Tempe, AZ is great for me. I get the chance to shoot bands that maybe would be off limits in a larger market.

    Thank you for sharing such insight not only with photography but into the person behind the lens. Cheers~ GRT2

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