Let it go…

I was five and rolling high in Kindergarten, it was time to get in line to get ready to go outside for recess. In my particular class we had a number that was taped to the ground and were given a number to stand on so my teacher knew who was here and who wasn’t. Well, during this particular day, a boy decided to stand on my number and I was not happy! I told him over and over that he was standing on my number and he needed to find his. After several attempts to get him off my number, I had a decision to make. I could take the high road, let it go, and move to his number until the teacher saw the mess up or I could teach him a lesson about not listening to me and school this five year old on how to wise up and not mess with me. I contemplated this decision for all of two seconds (maybe), let it go or show some action? Thats right, I chose the latter, as fashionable as I was back in the day, I had on a pair of black pointed toe cowboy boots and with the decision I chose I kicked him with these awesome boots right in the leg and told him to get off my number and find his as he stood there crying and me basking in my glory of telling him what’s up. Of course I was right and wrong, right in that he was in my place but wrong as my actions were to school this kid with my boot. That was over 20 years ago but my mom still loves to tell that story. Through out the years I’ve often made the decision to not let things go and have held grudges or couldn’t forget ways people have wronged me.

With all the things that have happened this year,I believe I blogged about how horrendous this year has been, I am trying to put the pressure on me to just let certain things go. Let it go. Simple enough, easier said than done. But as 2009 closes and 2010 opens up different doors, I’m soul searching into letting things go. Let.It.Go. That is what I tell myself when situations/aggravations come into play. So I hope that each of you as well as I learn to find it easier to let it go and forget about it and move on. With my new outlook on situations that yield my new philosophy, I will need constant reminder. So my friends might see this message come up again in my life, permanently.


Love it, live it, capture it.


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