Hugs and Shrugs- Vol. 1

So I have a new idea for my blog, I know a lot of photo bloggers do these sorts of things where they list their likes and dislikes or kisses and disses (J. Star.) SO I thought I would take a gander and try my own version out for size. So introducing Hugs and Shrugs. This past week had many highs and a few lows. So without further ado… here are my Hugs and Shrugs vol. 1!


* 36d Management and Randy Rogers Band — thanks to Robin at 36d Management and Randy Rogers Band, I was able to expand my portfolio with concert and music photography. Friday night was an amazing opportunity and I am ecstatic with the way the photografia turned out! Shooting shows like this only fuels my passion for music and concert photography and I became energized to keep going and hopefully will make it to the big times someday! Plus Randy Rogers Band is an amazing band anyways…. love, LoVe, lOvE, LURVE their music!

*  Cook books… It is getting that time of year where its all about family and food! I love love love getting together with my family and having lunch/dinner or both! I’m sure most of you guys know this as I blog a lot about my family and what we’re up to. This Thanksgiving a bunch of us are getting together for  lunch and I’ve been perusing cook books for some yummy ideas for food. I’m definitely my mothers’ daughter as I love to try out new dishes that I find through cook books and what not. I can’t wait to blog about our Thanksgiving feast so pace yourselves and try to wait for that yummy delicioso blog!

*  iTunes. I’ve had an ipod since they first came out and everyday I fall in love with iTunes more and more. From songs to ringtones to apps for iPhone, I think it is the greatest invention EVAR! So keep the music/games/apps/awesomeness coming!!

* Scentsy… I love candles, always have; always will. But this new form of candle is awesome. It’s a flameless candle. Scentsy brand candles come in these ceramic containers and you can buy all these scents that come in the form of wax in a little ice cube tray looking thing and  take out the wax from the tray and put them in the Scentsy dish, turn on the light and the wax melts and makes your home smell lovely. My cousin sells these awesome contraptions, go to her Web site and check them out. I promise you it’s totally worth the money. I have two; one in my living room and one in my bed room and I take turns turning them on to get my house smelling awesome town. You can even order online through her and your candles will be shipped straight to you door. Since Christmas is coming upon us, this would be a great gift idea for your friends, family, coworkers, etc!

* The Office and Modern Family… These are two of my fave shows right now on TV… Well actually the Office has been a favorite of mine for a long time. But anyways, I’m glad sitcoms are making a come back. Modern Family is a new show that comes on Wednesday nights @ 8pm on ABC. Totally check it out, I love dry sarcasm and this show is full of that dry sense of humor and sarcastic behavior. The Office continues to make me laugh at its quirkiness on Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC

* Torchy’s Taco’s. Anyone living in or around the Austin area should check this place out. It’s pretty simple.. you guessed it, tacos. But they are so much more than Tacos! HAHAHAHA. My recommendations are either the “grilled chicken taco” or the “trailer park chicken taco’ make sure to try their poblano ranch.. amazeballs. One day I’ll try to photograph these yummy tacos before I dig right into them!


* Coke Zero. The other day at work I had a delicious Coke Zero, I put it in my bag right before I left and to my knowledge the lid wasn’t all the way closed and it began to leak and spill all over my Iphone, Ipod, and point and shoot camera. Before I knew it my poor phone was soaked and I frantically tried to dry it off and do everything I could to take the moisture out of the phone…. my mission failed and my iphone is now a has been. I’ve been in the worsts of moods thinking about my no longer working phone. I was so attached to that phone, I could check facebook, twitter, email, news, weather, sport scores…. basically my whole life was in that phone. Coke Zero- you suck for murdering my iphone. I want a new one!

* I-35. I don’t know what is going on in Austin through out the day but for some reason this past week Northbound I-35 has been horrendous. I don’t understand what the problem is but please fix this issue, Austin! At 1pm there shouldn’t be any traffic on the interstate– especially when southbound is going 85 miles an hour!

* Gloomy days- Actually these are half hugs, half shrugs. I love these days because its not the typical hot stinky weather. But, BUT, BuT… I don’t get anything accomplished because all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch movies or catch up on the DVR. When you have 1.5 million things to do gloomy days yield a non productive day and that’s why today it’s in the shrug category.

I think this is a good first installment of my Hugs and Shrugs. I’d love some feed back and be sure to check the links through out the blog!

Love it, Live it, Capture it!

~ Jalys

P.S. Here is another UNSEEN photo from the Randy Rogers Band concert!


2 Comments on “Hugs and Shrugs- Vol. 1

  1. LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to do something like it for awhile but haven’t come up with my own unique way of doing it yet. Fabulous!

  2. Jalys!

    I wanted to thank you so much for posting some of your pictures from the Randy Rogers Band Benefit he did for my daughter Amberlyn. The pictures are awesome!! We were so sad that we couldn’t be at the fundraiser but your pictures help capture what we missed. =)

    Is there any way that we can purchase some of the photos from you? I want to do a scrapbook for her. Some of her friends took pictures of themselves having a great time and I just wanted to make something for Amberlyn that she could look back on.

    Everyone at 36d Management are awesome. Robin, Randy and the whole band are part of our extended family now. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

    Have a blessed day!
    Debbie Fett
    ~Amberlyn’s Mom~

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