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Ever been in one of those moods? Where nothing can seem to excite you. You just are in a funk? That is how I’ve been feeling the past week or so. I haven’t been motivated and I’ve just been very tired. It’s not healthy but for some reason I’m just in these horrible/non existant mood. I think I’ve said blah about 150 millions times. That is my whole being and personality this past month… blah. This year has been emotional, mentally and physically exhausting. I try to look at the positive that has happened this year but they seem to be overshadowed by all the boooooo moments. I think I’m going through a 1/4 life crisis. I’m writing this to apologize to my friends and family that feel that they have been neglected or pushed to the side. I hope to reconnect and get my energy and step back soon. But to be honest I’m ready for this year to just go away. I hope for better things *slash* closure in this coming year. 2009 you’ve been probably the worst year of my life and I have no more love for you so please go away.



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