Introducing Rocker “Feller” :-)

So I stink at blogging. I’ve been so busy this whole month of October that I’ve been neglecting my poor blog! I feel awful and hope to have some new topics to post in the future. Two days before my besties came in for the Tech vs texas game, Raider and I welcomed another puppy into our family. We have had a hard time with Rudder’s passing. Raider had really been going through a lot of turmoil with losing her big brother. She was making herself sick and was breaking out in hives, not eating well and was throwing up multiple times a day. My wonderful cousin Paul found us a new puppy to bring into our home and help the healing process. I think about Rudder, daily, hourly… minutely and I still miss and cry for him all the time. Rocker has helped eased out transition with life without Rudder but he could never take Rudder’s place. So without further ado… here is some photos of Rocker.


This is right after we got him. Taken in my Jeep in Waco, TX.


Rudder used to sleep like this. 🙂




Hope you enjoy these pics and I can’t wait to photograph more as he goes through life.

Love it, Live it, Capture it.

~ Jalys

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