We Will HIT ‘Em, We Will Wreck ‘Em….

…and you Red Raiders can finish the rest as you like! Two of my favorite people in the world came to Austin this past weekend to watch Tech give texas hell! It was a good game and I’m sad that my Raiders lost but not sad with how they played. They made texas fight for every play they earned and I’m dang proud. Think about it we have a new qb, pretty much a new team, we were on the road, unranked, 3rd game of the year and we still gave the “#2” (roll eyes) team in the country a run for their money… Wreck ‘Em Raiders!

This weekend we had some good food and good drinky drinks, as well as making new friends and doing some serious touristy stuff! It’s so good to have friend like Christina and Kase (Kasey Lynn Photography) We had tons of laughs and at the end of the weekend I was sad they had to leave! But we did get some cool shots in and I hope you enjoy what you see!




Christina and Kasey




Love this photo so much and I don’t care if it’s out of focus! You get the idea!!!


Tha’ DOME! šŸ™‚

Love it, Live it, Capture it…. and Wreck it! šŸ™‚

~ Jalys

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