Days Go By…

This past weekend I drove to Tuscola, TX for Tia’s 22nd birthday; every year that I get older, so does she and it is so weird that she just turned 22. I still remember the good times we had when I was in hs and she was in junior high. We’ve been best cousins pretty much our entire life and I value not only our friendship but out cousinship. We’ve had some hard times this year, but another year that she gets older, I am grateful to be apart of it! So we had a great time and of course with any get together you have in the summering Texas, you need WATER BALLOONS! 🙂 Enjoy the photos and for the last time this year: Happy 22nd Birthday, Tia!


The Birthday Girl!


This makes me crack up!!!!! Maddie Roo Roo!


Nicole, Tia and Tascha


Tia and David


My favorite Picture of the night! Her laughter makes me smile 🙂

Love it, Live it, Capture it!

~ Jalys

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