Unexpected surprises turn into AMAZING fun!!!

Well time is winding down here in SoCal and everyday it gets closer to my moving date the more things I think of that I’m going to miss. I’ve been reminiscing on the good times that I’ve experienced through the year. Here are a few on my list: Meeting Dane Cook not once but twice, Going to see Jack Johnson at UCSB, Weezer at The Forum, driving by the strawberries and smelling the amazing aroma, my sea cliff adventures, Hollywood adventures- just to name a few. But tonight the greatest thing happened to me. I was shooting at this new location I found off the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for you non Cali’s) and I was in the water shooting close up of waves and I happen to look up and 50 feet from me were two DOLPHINS, yes DOLPHINSSSSSS! I immediately just stood in awe and what I was seeing, completely forgetting that I had a camera in my hand!! I finally came about and tried to photograph them but they weren’t in the mood. So I got back to shooting and my battery died- first time ever my battery went dead. Luckily I had another one in my car and it was about time to head back up to road level for some cool photos, and as I was setting up my camera they came back but couldn’t get a good enough shot, but here is the proof:


They are kinda hard to see as I was just snapping as fast as I could not even looking at focusing!! Imagine being 50 feet from that just randomly! As the night went on I was shooting and I saw a third and a fourth. They were just bouncing back and forth from that general area and then they’d swim farther out then the next thing I knew they were right back in front of me, but it was too dark to try to get a better shot! SO needless to say I plan on going back VERY soon before I leave to try to get more shots of them and maybe have a tango 😉 No need to pay $60 bucks and be around loud, noisy, annoying kids at Sea World when I can show up at the beach for FREE! I am seriously still on this amazing high from witnessing these beauties! It clearly moves to the top of my memory list and it just caught me off guard but in a good way!

Back to more of my fun filled day! So I was so excited about my dolphin encounter I came home and  immediately uploaded my photos and edited them so I could share with you guys! I love what I captured here, I’m the first to admit I don’t take compliments well and I never am satisfied with what I’ve shot. I’m always looking for things I could have done better. Well with this session, I’m absolutely ecstatic with my results. I don’t know if it was the dolphin adrenaline rush or what but I believe I got some of my best shots today! I hope you enjoy them!


come take a stroll with me! 😀


This one is still growing on me,but I love the pelican in the background! I love watching them hunt for fish!


This is one of my fave, fave, favessss! I like the DOF. (depth of field)


Slow shutter speeeeeeeeeed!


Nope this isn’t clouds, its a 2 minute exposure at night that made the water turn cloud like! SWEET!

As I was driving home, still on my dolphin craze, I was thinking of the next week of moving from this place I’ve come to know and how much I’m going to miss it and for some reason Incubus’ song: “Drive” popped into my head and I just kept repeating the song lyrics: “Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes”…and interesting enough when I started typing out this post Pandora played the song! So to me it was a sign to not look back at the past and frown but to look toward the future and take one day as it comes! My last post I said I had some fun news, well that is going to have to wait one more day as I just HAD to post these pics from tonight! I hope you enjoyed them as much as fun as I had taking them! 😀

Until next time:

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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