Favorite Season

So this past week we had to photograph our favorite season. Mine of course is FOOTBALL season! I love getting together with family and friends and having a get together while my Texas Tech Red Raiders are dominating the field! During away games its always fun to have your good friends over to watch some football, eat some queso and cheer on our boys! So naturally when we got this assignment I immediately thought of this shot.I used my Texas Tech flag and one of my jerseys to create a table cloth setting and then made some yummy treats and decked them out with these awesome bowls and platters I found at Ralphs! I wish my friends and family were with me when I shot this so they could have had all the yummy treats! Rudder and Raider enjoyed some of them! HAHAHA


Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! I’m headed to VEGAS for the weekend! My 25th birthday is Friday and I’m super excited to be spending it in VEGAS! WOOT WOOT! Expect A LOT of fun photos in the next couple of weeks!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Love it, Live it, Capture it!


~ Jalys



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