Another week, another project!

So this week has been fun creatively! I shot another couple of words as well working with my group members to create different set ups! Tomorrow we are shooting a Grey Goose ad and if you guys know me, you know how much I love Grey Goose!! I will be sure to upload those in the next couple of weeks, as for now here are my two images I just turned in. The words I shot were elegance and carefree… I’m sure you can figure out which shot corresponds to the words! 


I am just updating this quickly, last week I wrote a long blog and this week will be cut short. BUT in a couple of weeks I promise I will upload some super cool pics from my BIRTHDAY weekend in VEGASSSSSSSS! That’s right, Feb 5th through 8th I will be celebrating my 25th birthday in Vegas. I’m super stoked and I plan on sight seeing during the day and I will be uploading some fun pics! Hope everyone has a great week and there will be atleast a couple of new photos from this weeks’ assignment! Have a great week!

Live it, Love it, Capture it!


~ Jalys





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