I am still here, I promise!!

Wow so I do suck at blogging. I always think to blog but then I get distracted! Christmas is almost here and do you know what that means??!!!! TEXAS HERE I COME! I’m super excited, as most of you know I’m loving life here in Cali but I am extremely homesick! I wish I could be in two places at once! I miss all the fun things in Texas but on the other hand I’m having a blast experiencing new things in the place called Hollywood. My mom will fly in Dec. 17th and we will start driving that long drive back to Texas on the 19th. I can’t wait to let Texas fill my soul and go out and have some fun times with my family. I love Christmas, I love receiving gifts but what is more fun is giving the gifts and seeing their reactions to what you picked out or made for them. Being away from home for 7 months I’ve been inspired to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year, sorry family you won’t be getting any Coach purses! hahaha. I thought I would go ahead and upload one of my stock photos that I shot while at school. Oh speaking of shooting I got a snazzy new lens… a Canon 70-200m 2.8L lens… get ready because I’ll be using it the entire time I’m in Texas… family get ready for some portraits! I also want to try to shoot some wildlife while I’m home. Ok so back to one of my stock photos this is a photo, well its self explanatory some lovely dessert for two… enjoy! Love it, live it, capture it!



~ jalys


Desert for Two

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