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Well I am doing it, I’m writing another post! Can you believe it? I’ll be the fi

rst to say I am not a good blogger! I hardly have any time ad if I do have time I spend time with my doggies or try to catch up on my shows that my dvr records! I don’t have a ton amount of free time but my dvr is programmed to record hundreds of shows, ok maybe not 100 but everyday it is recording something! This week we learned about neutral color balance. A lot of photographers as well as admirers of photography forget about all that goes into a photograph. Taking a picture is the last thing on your mind. You have to consider the lighting whether natural or artificial you first before the lighting have to think of a photograph to take and also who you want for the photograph. Then you have to understand the lighting ration that you need to get a great photo, whether you want a 1:2 ratio or even like a 1:6 ratio! WOWZA! At Tech we never dug deep in photography and learned much other than go out and shoot. Well you can go out and shoot but if you don’t know the elements you are surrounded by and how you can obtain a photography worthy of entering in a contest then you’re not learning anything. This week at brooks we dove deep into color balancing and filters. It was a fun day for Chelsea and I, pretty much Murphy’s Law surrounded us the whole time! We both have to reshoot images because of not knowing the filter factor we have to incorporate into our shot along with the bellows factor, shutter speed calibration and over all lighting factor so much error can go into a simple 4×5 photograph!!!!!!!! Anyways here are couple of out take portraits of Chelsea that I shot during all of our mishaps! Hope everyone has a great week!!! See you guys next week!


Live it, Love it, Capture it!

~ Jalys @ Photostar Photography





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