First Assignment at Brooks.

Well as most of you know, I’m attending Brooks and I finally received my first assignment. The point of the assignment was to shoot a typical day in the life of Santa Barbara. I don’t live in Santa Barbara so I don’t really know what it is like, but none the less, I decided to do something that most people wouldn’t think to do. I am sure most of my peers shot the glamourous life of Santa Barbara with all the couture, mercedes and rich life. I have to drive down the main strip of the beach everyday to class and while I”m taken away by the gorgeous beauty of the ocean, I began to see the opposite side of the luxe life of Santa Barbara. All down the beach strip are dozens of homeless people. They stay and live at the beach just trying to make it through the day. I decided to use these people as my subjects for my first assignment. Everyone in my base camp knows I’m not a photojournalist nor do I strive to try to be one. So, I had a hard time trying to photograph these people and make a story. I don’t exactly know what it is like to struggle and have to live on the street. I talked to two men and they seemed to be happy as can be, they even offered to wash the windows of my car and promised they would do the best job. But I bargained with them and said I would pay them a few dollars if I could take a picture, they loved their 15 minutes of fame. Below are a couple of photographs that I turned in. I’ll elaborate more in the future about my assignment, my professor says its time to work so I best be going! Enjoy!!!


P.S. Next week I have a killer idea for my assignment! All I’m going to leave you with is: Sex, drugs and Rock N Roll! Keep thinking about it! 🙂





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