I’m here… I promise!

So it has been a while since I have written a blog here or at my old blog on blogspot.com. I’ve been incredibily busy. I’ve graduated from “bartending school” attended orientation, and started school! Since moving to California, I made myself put my camera up and not shoot my new residence. I know that most photographers would completely advise against this in that practicing is what makes you a better photographer, which is true. However, I made myself not shoot because I thought I needed to push myself away and become more creative with what I wanted to shoot. I drove up and down the 101 everyday in awe of this gorgeous scenery that any photographer would go shutter crazy over and I didn’t allow myself to take that opportunity. In doing so, I have found that the shots were not necessary. Anyone could shoot those shots and that is not my job as a commercial and editorial photographer. Since then I’ve calmed down and studied the light in certain places and have searched for the “WYMAN Light”. I needed to get back to my roots that were taught to me by Mr. Texas Photographer. I believe that this has helped me more than it has hurt me, I went out and shot a few shots for class last night and right off I noticed the light I needed on these rocks I was shooting. Sometimes taking yourself away from photography makes you a better photographer. I’m glad I took a little break because now I’m dying to get into the studio and rock it.


I went to orientation for what seemed like 4 weeks but was actually only 3 days. Those three days had me fuming and doubting my existence here at Brooks. I can easily get frustrated and they clearly tested my patience during those three days, but alas this past Friday I was registered in my first Brooks class. What is special about this class is that it is taught by a fellow Texas Tech alum. I’m so stoked and we have some mutual acquaintances so it was fun talking about Wyman, Matt and our Junction Experiences. So far I’m super stoked for our projects. Although I do have 3 research papers due during my eight week session. So I guess I owe a huge apology to my old professor for complaining and questioning his writing assignment during our digital class. So ex-professor if you ever read this… thanks for the mini experience in writing photography papers HAHA. But our research papers in this class have to do with famous photographers and artists rather than raw vs. jpeg.. so I guess I can still complain a little bit. 🙂


So I am a certified bartender now, I loved bartending school and I felt like such a cool cat learning all the recipes and spinning the bottles around making your zombies, gin and tonics, and rusty nails. I really like bartending and I actually have an interview tomorrow at a place. Cross you fingers. I really really really want to work in a comedy club or live entertainment venue. I am an aspiring concert photographer and so working where there is live entertainment will really help me out. I also am an avid comedy fan so working at a comedy club would be totally killer!


I don’t have pictures to upload tonight but soon I’ll upload some that I’m working on for my first project: A day in the life of Santa Barbara.  But before I leave I’ll have to do my music recommendations! 

1. New Weezer album, if you haven’t purchased it… stop reading this go to borders, B&N, Salzeers.. wherever and pick it up. I love it. Troublemaker is my new favorite song.

2. Jakob Dylan… enough said pick it up.

3.  Of course I leave Texas and get into a really deep Bob Schneider phase. He has to truly be one of my favorite artists. Songs that are a fave of mine: Ass knocking, Big Blue Sea, Come with me, Gettin Better, God is my friend, and his rendition of if I only had a brain… love it.

4. Ryan Adams–  hung out with my friend Matt at Junction and he got me into a Ryan Adams kick. I had a few of his songs but Thanks to Jerod, I have A BUNCH of his music and what can I say, its amazing. 

5. Speaking of Jerod, check out his band the hogg maulies on myspace (myspace.com/hoggmaulies). I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live and I’ll be honest, at first I really didn’t like them not because they weren’t excellent musicians, but I just don’t like Texas Country music and I have to say they grew on me and I really do like their music. I think they are all very talented and I have really come to appreciate their voice and what they sing about. Again, thanks for Jerod for hooking me up with 150 million Hogg Maulies songs. Songs that I like: Here to stay, Good Night, Long Time Gone (I think that’s the title), Fall Back, and some other covers that they’ve done such as George Strait’s Amarillo by Morning- I’ve heard TONS of bands try to cover this song and I believe the Hogg Maulies have created the best cover of this particular song,  I think they capture the essence of this song. I give them my stamp of approval! hahaha

 6. Apocalyptica- my good friend Eli got me a copy of this record and I think it is one of the most amazing records that I’ve recently listened to. I can’t say enough good things about this record, they are incredibly talented and listening to them and their music gives me chills. They have some amazing guests on this record and I really urge you to go out and get a copy!


Hopefully my Texas friends will see me in September as I am still in arrangements to fly to Austin for the Austin City Limits festival. I am trying my best, I am trying to talk with the powers that be to get a media pass for this event so I can rock some photography and listen to some amazing musicians and get back to TEXAS! I miss Texas dearly and I can’t wait to make my way back have some Texas beer, Texas Music and some dang Texas mexican food! Yes, the vegetarianism is going well considering I can’t find anything that I like to eat here. I truly miss Steins and Jason’s Deli… anyways, I hopefully will see you guys sometime in the near future so let’s plan on rocking out to some Bob Schneider and soaking up the essence of Austin. Man I miss that place!  

ok that is it for now, I’m going to bed… Hope everyone has a pleasent week and next time I promise my blog will have updated picturas! hahah


~ Jalys

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